Why progressive law firms are in the cloud

05 April 2022 Promoted by NebuLaw

In recent years law firms have made huge inroads when it comes to improving traditionally legacy-reliant business processes and operations.

Pre-COVID, almost three in four (72%) law firms said they would be increasing their use of cloud-based solutions in the near future, and the pandemic has only accelerated this adoption.

Growing education and awareness about the benefits of the cloud alongside more firms trialling practice management software has led to a marked uptick in practitioners looking to overhaul legacy systems and processes to improve productivity, profitability, and staff engagement.

Martin Mercer, Chief Executive of NebuLAW, a complete practice management solution for progressive law firms, says the reasons for transitioning to cloud-based technologies are manifold, but very few practice management software providers offer a true cloud-based solution.

“As part of a drive to a more efficient, technology-powered legal sector, law firms are seeking out solutions that help them better manage their practice. 

“The legal sector has been traditionally slow to embrace change and adopt new technologies, however, there’s mass alignment on one thing - cloud-based technology is shaping the future of law and future-proofing how lawyers operate day-to-day.

“While many lawyers have overhauled archaic processes and adopted new technologies, the reality is the majority of firms are still not utilising true cloud-based technologies, which is a huge missed opportunity,” he said. 

Cloud-based legal solutions not only mitigate the risks of cyber breaches and hardware/software failures, but they are also more economic than on-premise solutions. In addition, cloud-based practice management software delivers a suite of knock-on benefits such as higher rates of productivity and staff engagement, improved profitability, and better client outcomes.

Benefits of shifting to the cloud

  • Provides better disaster recovery – 50.5%
  • Less costly compared to on-premise solutions – 39.1%
  • Augments business continuity – 29%
  • Better cybersecurity – 27.5%

The impact of the Great Resignation

The cumulative effect of the pandemic, the rising cost of living, and more empowered job seekers have led to a shift in mentality about how people want to work - and the legal sector is not immune. 

“The attraction of hybrid work combined with ageing practice management systems has seen more lawyers seeking out firms who understand what they want and are making it a priority to give it to their people. 

“A major part of that attraction is being able to work smarter, not harder – with cloud-based technologies giving solicitors the ability to work from anywhere, anytime while minimising the need to complete time-consuming admin work that could be automated,” said Mercer.

How NebuLAW is empowering progressive law firms

NebuLAW stands apart from other legal practice management solutions, namely because it was built by lawyers, for lawyers and is truly cloud-based. 

Coming from a background steeped in the challenges of a mid-sized law firm, NebuLAW has been able to tap into a deep understanding of legal practice pain points and create a solution that is user-friendly, functional, and infinitely scalable. 

Being a complete platform on which to run a modern legal practice, NebuLAW offers far more than its competitors and is the only Australian practice management solution built on Salesforce. It is a cheaper and superior offering compared to similar solutions in the legal space, and it is driving fee-earner productivity and job satisfaction and a better overall experience for its customers.

4 ways reasons to move your firm to the cloud

  1. Flexi-work:
    Lawyers can access their work material through a secure, centralised platform that lives in the cloud, allowing them to work anytime, anywhere
  1. More time for client-facing tasks:
    Because time-consuming tasks are automated lawyers have more time to work on meaningful, client-facing work. Automations include client document gathering (with reminders), one-click document generation and invoicing, debt collection/payment reminders, and a range of configurable reminders, escalations, and delegations to team members working on the matter.
  1. Competitive pricing:
    With lower overheads and improved efficiencies, progressive firms using cloud-based technology are often better placed to offer more competitive rates to clients. 
  1. Data-informed decision-making:
    Cloud-based solutions unlock data-driven insights that help identify opportunities for the firm and its clients while also informing teams on where they can streamline ways of working to better meet the needs of clients. 

Are you ready to embrace the power of the cloud to supercharge your law firm’s productivity? NebuLAW will help you overcome the challenges of doing business in a fast-moving industry. Find out more by calling 1300 479 564 or request a demo today

Why progressive law firms are in the cloud
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