Barrister of the Year

Principal Partner


Laina Chan



1 to 5


University of Sydney, Harvard Business School, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Commercial, Construction and infrastructure, Consumer, Cyber security, Dispute resolution, Financial services, Insurance, Litigation, Pro bono, Real estate, Arbitration

Bachelor of Science (Hons in Pure Mathematics);Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Certificate of Management Excellence (Harvard Business School); Advanced PIDA training in International Arbitration

Society of Construction Law, Australian Insurance Law Association, Commercial Law Associations in Victoria and New South Wales

Melbourne TEC Chambers, Underground Works Chambers, 2 Selborne Chambers, Society of Construction Law Board, Australian Construction industry Forum

I completed my Certificate of Management Excellence at Harvard Business School in August 2019. This additional learning has enabled me to provide better professional services to all my clients. It has given me particular insight into the issues facing my commercial clients to ensure that relationships are preserved and disputes are resolved as cheaply and expeditiously as possible. My enhanced negotiation skills have resulted in multiple negotiated outcomes which have also provided my clients with certainty of outcome.

Truth, intellectual honesty and integrity – my word is my honour.