General Counsel of the Year

Principal Partner


Andrew Bautovich

Principal Lawyer and Deputy General Counsel - International



University of Queensland

Commercial, corporate, employment law

Bachelor of Laws

Law Society of Queensland, Law Institute of Victoria

Law Society of England and Wales, Registered Foreign Lawyer

In 2019, I was responsible for successfully restructuring the Australian business, as well as successfully steering the business into a public listing which included numerous legal and regulatory challenges. The public listing resulted in DWF becoming the UK’s largest listed law firm.

There is no problem so great that it prompts the abandonment of courtesy.

Though as an in-house role, Andrew does not engage in direct time recording, he would estimate that significant portions of time (extending, perhaps, to 80-100 hours) of his time was allocated to pro bono work, in the form of assisting the DWF Foundation, DWF’s affiliated charity with its structural arrangements and charitable giving, including the first rollout of DWF Foundation contributions in Australia. Additionally, Andrew has provided pro bono legal advice to MND and Me, a motor neuron disease charity, and to local sporting associations.