In-House Company Secretary of the Year

Principal Partner


Jane Bowd

Executive General Manager, Group Company Secretary



University of Queensland
Queensland University of Technology
Governance Institute of Australia (GIA)
Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

Commercial, Corporate, Financial services, Insurance, Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Governance

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Masters of Laws
Graduate Diploma of Corporate Governance (Hons)

Law Society of NSW

Governance Institute of Australia (GIA)
Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)
Business Integrity Council

Delivering five board trips (totalling nearly 30 nights away) in a very busy year, and doing so in disciplined way to ensure that everything we saw and did tied back to strategy. The learnings and relationships we built on these 2019 trips are very tangible, with actual benefits/outcomes flowing from them. Some of the key benefits included (a) improved relationships with two of Amatil’s strategic partners, The Coca-Cola Company and Beam Suntory and (b) Amatil establishing recycling sustainability joint ventures in Australia following the learnings we obtained from visiting the globally leading recycling company PetStar in Mexico.

Always do the right thing, which can mean having to make some tough/hard decisions that people will not like. No matter the pressure you are under and speed at which you may have to operate when making such decisions, never forget your own values. Stop and pause and ask yourself “Am I acting in line with my own values?” – sometimes you will need to check yourself and recalibrate. If I do this, I should never feel uncomfortable with my actions and I am okay with any tough outcomes as I know I have managed them in a professional, transparent and kind manner.

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