Partner of the Year

Principal Partner


Hai-Dang Nguyen





University of New South Wales

Banking and finance, financial services, restructuring

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Law Society of NSW

Founding member of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association in Sydney (VEAS) to promote inbound investments from Vietnam into Australia and promote trade between the two countries. Also a member of the Banking & Financial Services Law Association. INTERESTING FACT: Hai Dang assisted the VEAS together with the Vietnamese Embassy, The Vietnamese Trade Commission and Vietnamese exports, export red dragon food into Australia.

My most notable achievement was advising on the dynamic joint venture brought and I-MED Radiology Network together to develop “world-leading prediction engines” to assist radiologists with diagnosing diseases, abnormalities and injuries. Upon establishing the joint venture, closed its first capital raise of $29 million – one of the largest capital raises in Australia 2019.

It was an “elephant-and-the-ant” complex joint venture – with I-MED being Australia’s leading diagnostic imaging provider, owned by the global investment firm Permira (which has more than €33 billion under management and has backed more than 250 businesses worldwide). Complex issues required strategic, technical, commercial and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving.

This transaction required me to delve into the technical intricacies in the field of artificial intelligence technology, data and healthcare, which I found very fascinating! In addition, it also required me to analyse a diverse range of issues pertaining to financial services, licensing and compliance.

Among his associates, it is known that Hai Dang coined the phrase “no pain, no gain”.