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The importance of an expansive network

Moving overseas early on in your career can mean expanding your global client base as well as learning a plethora of per...Read More

How smart money management can reduce law students’ stress

Learning to manage your money whilst in law school can decrease the number of stressors later on in your legal career, a...Read More

Students at top universities at risk of fraud

Proofpoint’s new research has found that the top universities in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom a...Read More

Are lawyers ‘quiet quitting’ their jobs?

Quiet quitting — a new workplace phenomenon in which workers reject the notion of going above and beyond for one’s j...Read More

VIDEO: Entering ‘a period of unrest’

In the first instalment of Legal Firesides, award-nominated lawyer Trevor Withane speaks about the state of affairs in r...Read More

Send Payments, PEXA collaborate on streamlined multi-currency property...

International payments and foreign exchange service Send Payments is teaming up with global digital property exchange pl...Read More

McDonald’s hit with $250m wage theft claim

McDonald’s has been served with a whopping wage theft claim from hundreds of thousands of employees who were allegedly...Read More

Australia now Clyde & Co’s 3rd largest country by fees generated

Global law firm Clyde & Co has published its latest financial results, which show that its four Australian offices a...Read More

‘Onus on the employee’ to make shorter weeks work

Lawyers who have the option of practising in non-traditional time frames — such as four-day weeks or nine-day fortnigh...Read More

Google acquisition to go ahead unopposed

Following an investigation, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has stated it will not oppose Goog...Read More

LIV appoints 5

The Law Institute of Victoria has appointed three inaugural non-member directors and two deputy presidents, following a ...Read More

ASIC move to protect victims of family violence welcomed by lawyers

In a move to help protect victims of family violence, ASIC has adopted a new policy, which family lawyers have called an...Read More

A-G: ‘Only a fraction’ of funding for women’s legal services was...

Lawyers will be “staggered to realise”, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC MP said last weekend, that funding by the M...Read More

Inside the legal sector’s massive change management exercise

The days of lawyers having their names on the door of an office are gone. And they might not even have their name on a d...Read More

PEXA appoints new COO

Digital property exchange platform operator PEXA Group has appointed a new chief operating officer, who joins from Westp...Read More
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