26 March 2021

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Panel: The key to balancing wellness at work

10:30 AM

Striking the right balance between managing your professional obligations and your personal health and wellness is becoming increasingly harder in this fast-paced, technology-driven era. To achieve business success, it is now more important than ever to maintain a sustainable and positive career in law. This lively panel session will give you the top tips, traps and strategies to remain successful, happy and healthy in an industry filled with stress and long hours. You will be better informed to:

  • Identify triggers and build better management procedures
  • Understand the environmental factors you didn’t even know were there
  • Effectively develop strong connections and a valuable support network
  • Why cultivating a great culture in the office is paramount
Nancy Youssef

Nancy Youssef

Founder, Mentor and Author, Classic Finance

Kate Cliff

Kate Cliff

Founder, Kate Cliff Meditation

Alexia Houston

Alexia Houston

Head of Insurance & Risk, Clayton Utz

How, when and why you need to supercharge your cyber security


In this question-and-answer segment, you will delve into current practice management tools. Put your heads together and come equipped to explore practical solutions around implementation, integration and how to measure success. Hear how others have paved the way in the fast-growing field of cyber technology and how to better protect yourself. You will learn:

  • Recent privacy concerns, including personal and professional data breaches
  • Techniques on implementation and integration: How best to protect your clients’ data
  • What you can do to ensure you’re always building on your firm’s cyber-security measures

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The four P’s of performance are vital for business success


Purpose, people, process and place are the four key foundations to growing a successful business. Drawing on her expertise from world-class organisations, Rachel will focus on how to enhance your output by hiring the right people, in the right jobs and in the right environment. You will learn:

  • The secret to finding and retaining talent
  • When is the best time to invest in team growth
  • How to achieve favourable business results through team regulation
Rachel Scanlon

Rachel Scanlon

Asia-Pacific Lead, D2 Legal Technology

Round table discussion and networking


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Panel: Changing the game


Boutique lawyers and law firms face unique and complex challenges, and “doing it all” can be the tip of the iceberg. As a small business, you don’t necessarily have the resources to do everything at once. This session will provide you with panellists who will speak from experience to share valuable insights into what tools were game-changing for them, what didn’t work and the importance of little practicalities. You will learn:

  • How to strategically plan for the future and enhance your firm’s longevity
  • Key considerations for financial planning and pricings
  • The importance in building your brand’s image to strengthen your appeal
Carly Stebbing

Carly Stebbing

Founder and Principal, Resolution123

Zile Yu

Zile Yu

Principal, Quantum Law Group

Perpetua Kish

Perpetua Kish

Director and Founder, Balance Family Law

Innovation: A State of Mind


To capitalise on change in 2021, James will discuss how to stay relevant and successful in the changing landscape we find ourselves in today, why every business needs to be continually innovating, and how every individual can do it. In eight years of hosting “The New Inventors”, former lawyer James O’Loghlin met hundreds of people who thought outside the box and came up with new and better ways of doing things.

In this enlightening session, you will learn:

  • The three things innovators do better than everyone else, and five things every business can do to build a workplace culture that encourages innovation.
  • What mindset you need to adopt to be successful in a post-pandemic environment.
  • How to KEEP UP and stay ahead of the game with strategies to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.
James O'Loghlin

James O'Loghlin

MC and Keynote Speaker

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