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REB judge


Founder & Principal Lawyer
The Remote Expert

In 2011, Emma was on the traditional corporate law path. She had an office job in a boutique firm on the North Shore of Sydney. However, a near death experience changed Emma’s life and her views on work/ life balance.  At 13 weeks pregnant, Emma was given a common anti-nausea drug to help with morning sickness. What followed was Emma’s heart stopping as the result of sudden cardiac arrest. Emma was resuscitated with a defibrillator on the floor of the ER in the hospital where she had presented with morning sickness. Miraculously Emma and her baby boy both survived the ordeal but Emma was left with the belief that life is too short and precious not to make the most of it. As a result, Emma and her young family moved from Sydney to far Northern New South Wales in late 2013. After the sea change, Emma worked remotely at partner level in a New law firm for a number of years before starting ‘The Remote Expert’ in early 2019 to assist others gain that work/ life balance Emma has created for herself. Emma works with clients to help them set up remotely or work differently.