Private courtrooms fast-track property settlementsMay 17 2020

A growing number of separating couples are seeking their own private courtrooms to fast-track divorce matters, including outsourcing propert

by Naomi Neilson


May 17 2020Class action inquiry set to impact the future of litigation funders

With a class action inquiry underway, Australia’s lively class action industry will be impacted, s...

by Tony Zhang

May 15 2020National firm makes WFH arrangements a permanent option

In the interests of wellness, remote and flexible arrangements will be made available to all employe...

by Jerome Doraisamy

May 15 2020How COVID-19 has been impacting lawyers across Australia

In April, Momentum Intelligence conducted a major survey to understand how the coronavirus pandemic ...

by Tasha Levy

May 15 2020Amal Clooney: Australia can be a ‘global leader on human rights’

Renowned barrister Amal Clooney has urged Australia to adopt laws that lead the world in defending h...

by Jerome Doraisamy

True impact on mid-tiers from COVID-19 may be felt in FY21May 14 2020

Deducing how the mid-tier legal marketplace has weathered the coronavirus storm will take time, even as Australia moves to unwind social dis...

by Jerome Doraisamy

WA solicitor removed from roll for stealing elderly client’s life savingsMay 14 2020

A solicitor based in Perth has been struck from the roll, over a year after being sentenced to seven years behind bars for stealing $1.96 mi...

by Naomi Neilson

Now is the time to plan for post-pandemic business recoveryMay 14 2020

While the debt that COVID-19 disruption has thrust upon the economy is unprecedented and businesses are grappling with uncertainty and dwind...

by Maja Garaca Djurdjevic

Juniors must develop their personal brand – now more than everMay 14 2020

It’s never too early to be thinking about one’s long-term vocational path, and COVID-19 is a stark reminder of the importance of putting...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Legal service ‘deeply disappointed’ with strip-search consequencesMay 14 2020

A suite of reports has detailed the excessive and unlawful strip searching of young people but has not recommended consequences for the NSW ...

by Naomi Neilson