Committee needed to oversee treatment of gradsAug 20 2019

Exploitation of graduate lawyers needs to stop. The establishment of an oversight committee is one way to curb such poor treatment, writes The[Pre]Lawyer in Black.

by The (Pre) Lawyer in Black


Aug 08 2019Clerkship rejection is actually good for you

I never had an interest in commercial law. I didn’t even know what a share was until I did the co...

by Flynn Tytherleigh

Aug 08 2019Bond University new law degree challenges job fears

Bond University has launched four new degrees to prepare students for future careers, including a Ba...

by Naomi Neilson

Aug 01 2019Managing a co-career in law and art

Picasso said “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”, ...

by Zoë Durand

Jul 29 2019Students propose winning solutions to combat legal challenges

Teams of university students have been recognised for their work in solving two challenges set by th...

by Emma Ryan

Balance study with activities you are passionate aboutJul 02 2019

Law students typically fear deviating away from a textbook-focused approach at law school because they believe high grades guarantee graduat...

by Carl Buhariwala

Stop, drop and roll: Dealing with final semester stressApr 22 2019

How many of you remember your last high school exam? For me, it was my Japanese exam. It was in the third week of November 2014 and it was a...

by Flynne Tytherleigh

College of Law boss opens up about today’s law school paradigmApr 14 2019

Neville Carter AM, CEO and principal of The College of Law, has offered some insight into today’s law school environment, including whethe...

by Emma Ryan

Experience at law school as a student of an Asian Australian backgroundMar 28 2019

Australia, arguably being one of the most multicultural countries at this day and age, is populated with people from dozens of countries aro...

by Sian Hur

UQ start-ups receive lawyers’ backingMar 11 2019

A number of lawyers have thrown their support behind entrepreneurs in a University of Queensland accelerator program by providing free lega...

by Emma Ryan