Does my firm have to be nominated to enter?

Your firm does not need to be nominated to enter in Champions of Pride. It can enter the awards directly.

Can I make multiple nominations?

You are welcome to make more than one nomination or nominate multiple firms or organisations.

I have completed my submission, but I want to add more information or attachments. Is it possible to edit my submission?

You can log in any time to amend or add to your submission until the submission close date. If you have any problems here, please call the team to see if we can assist you beyond the closing date.

Do I have to attend the event if I make it as a finalist?

You are encouraged to attend if your firm or organisation makes it as a finalist. The event gives you an opportunity to celebrate inclusion and diversity in the profession as well as the firms and organisations advancing it.

I’m having issues with entering my submission or need more information. Who can I contact?

Please contact a member of our team. Details can be found on the contacts page.

What happens when I nominate my firm? How do I nominate a firm for an award? Can it be anonymous?

When you nominate a firm for Champions of Pride, the email address you have written in the nomination form will receive an email notifying them about the nomination. You can choose to either let them know of your nomination or to remain anonymous. The email will contain details about the nomination and the submission process, encouraging them to enter the awards.


How do I get started?

Please create your account online via our submission portal. If you have any questions about criteria and eligibility, please call 02 9922 3300.

Can I get feedback on my submission if I didn’t make it?

Although we would love to give everyone feedback on their submission, they are reviewed by multiple judges who are not always able to comment on each submission.

Who sees my submission?

All information is highly confidential and is only shared with the event team and the judges. Any information is not published, and any permissions would be sought if required.

I am interested in partnership opportunities. Who can I contact?

Please contact William Magee on 02 9922 3300 or alternatively email [email protected].

Event organiser