KordaMentha & RelativityOne

At KordaMentha Forensic, we uncover, analyse and clarify facts at the centre of disputes, investigations and other sensitive matters. We have one of the largest teams of forensic technology experts, investigators, forensic accountants and data analytics specialists in Asia-Pacific.

As the first partner to bring Relativity’s cloud-based platform ‘RelativityOne’ to the Australian market, and Australia’s first RelativityOne Certified Partner, KordaMentha can offer in house corporate investigation teams the most powerful and secure discovery platform currently available. Our multi-disciplinary team can also provide expertise and resources to ensure investigation teams fully leverage the capabilities of RelativityOne and drive investigations to tangible outcomes.

RelativityOne is a complete secure and flexible platform for e-discovery. Whether it's internal investigation, litigation regulatory request or information governance, RelativityOne gives you a complete set of flexible tools in a secure cloud platform to tackle your unique challenges through every phase of a project. With the latest in advanced searching and analytics, machine learning, and visualizations all built in, RelativityOne is your complete platform for organizing your data, discovering the truth, and acting on it.