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Marcus Breaden

General Counsel
Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems

Marcus has worked in a variety of roles in multinational IT companies, as well as in private practice, for over 20 years. Since 2007, Marcus has led the Asia Pacific legal team for Cisco, the world leader in innovative networking solutions.

As regional General Counsel, Marcus leads a team of lawyers focused on the negotiation of complex, long term contracts for network technology supply, design & implementation, multi-year support and network operations, as well as SaaS offerings of various cloud-based collaboration, security and network management applications.

In April 2018, Marcus undertook a 12-month rotation assignment outside of the legal team, moving to San Jose, Cisco’s corporate head office.  His role is that of an “orchestrator” – leading a cross-functional team with a vision of enabling transformation within Cisco and specifically tasked with guiding Cisco’s intent-based networking solution in the data centre towards a more customer-centric model.  Marcus will resume his regional General Counsel responsibilities in March 2019.

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