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Tommy Viljoen

National Lead Partner, Cyber Risk Services Strategy and Governance

Tommy Viljoen is the Australian Cyber Risk Services Strategy and Governance leader based in Sydney. Tommy has close to 30 years of experience in Information Technology, IT Risk and Cyber Security governance. He has accumulated extensive experience in the management, design, development and implementation of cyber security and risk management programs.

Tommy has helped business executives and IT leaders in the UK, Southern Africa and Australia, aligning cyber security strategies with business risks. He’s helped many organisations mature their overall security posture; including designing and integrating secure IT, identity and access management and data protection. Tommy has worked with a number of large enterprises, across many industries helping them implement Secure, Vigilant and Resilient strategies, governance frameworks, policies, procedures and end-to-end cyber security programs.

Over the last few years Tommy’s primary focus has been helping clients with the development and implementation of cyber risk and privacy strategies and solutions, including, Information Security Management Systems, cyber threat management programs, cyber monitoring solutions, cloud solutions, third party strategies, secure by design solutions and Privacy and GDPR programs.

He is passionate about developing people to take on the challenge of Cyber and Privacy and loves the outdoors.

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