Digital legal environments, built by lawyers! Immediation's secure, confidential video platform has all the tools that corporate counsel need to transition their client meetings, negotiations and mediations into a professional digital legal environment. Used by the Federal Court for mediation, Immediation is available now by subscription for in-house legal teams! We provide analytics for legal operations leaders to gain insights into potential efficiency savings. Immediation's video-based collaboration platform can help you improve the capacity, control and capability of your legal team. Ask us about our digital whiteboard, co-drafting and e-signature integrations to speed up online client work, negotiations and mediations. Immediation’s dispute resolution systems can also transform your company’s complaints handling systems. Corporate counsel can access our expert Panel of mediators, arbitrators and experts for fixed fee, fast online mediation and arbitration, reducing external legal spend. Immediation is an Australian-founded company led by barrister and entrepreneur with 20 years’ domain expertise, Laura Keily.