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Culture > strategy

After surviving a global pandemic and fighting for talent against the backdrop of the Great Resignation, culture is becoming a key part of strategy for all different types of firms.Read more
Wig & Chamber

Can the ‘experience gap’ be overcome?

For more than two decades, one legal recruiter has seen a gap in the market for lawyers with between two and six years of post-qualification experience. Addressing that dearth of candidates doesn’t appear to have simple or obvious solutions.
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A law firm’s view on the profession’s duty on reconciliation

Legal businesses, and the practitioners that populate them, “hold a privileged and powerful position” in Australian society. In light of such status, it is incumbent upon those in law to push for what is right, said one BigLaw firm.
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Taking advantage of tech

As the world — and the legal profession — increasingly becomes more digital, innovative and efficient, there’s a myriad of ways firms benefit from better utilisation of legal tech and adoption of NewLaw methodologies
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