Helena Papapostolou



University of New South Wales


Law Society of NSW

Bachelor of Commerce (Business Economics)/ Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws (Corporate, Commercial and Taxation Law), Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice

Law Society of NSW; NSW Young Lawyers; and The Tax Institute.

My biggest achievement of 2019 cannot be proclaimed in one bold heading. My biggest achievement is in the pride and fulfilment of being accepted as a member of a successful team of trusted advisers. In 2019 I had the opportunity to present and implement new ideas for client engagements that were met with positivity. It is one of my biggest achievements to be involved in complex, career-defining transactions in a profession I am passionate about. In 2019 I was committed to collaborating with my peers, in effective and successful teams, to find solutions to technical issues. My biggest achievement in 2019 was the invaluable knowledge gained through these experiences and the motivation to create new challenges for 2020.

My personal mantra from which I have often drawn courage and inspiration, is summed up in one word – believe. Most importantly, to believe in what you are doing and that every little achievement makes a difference.

More than 15 hours.