Finding a seat at the Bar

Respected silks give their advice on how to pursue a successful career as a barrister.

by Felicity Nelson


Uncharted waters

Many lawyers have responded to the siren call of the sea and sought a career in maritime law, but th...

by Leanne Mezrani

A firm theory of evolution

Better business growth starts with a cultural change, Warrick McLean writes  ...

by Warrick McLean

Grinding to a halt

The traditional law firm model is showing its age but newcomers are giving it a revamp ...

by Cyndi Tebbel

Managing change in a dynamic market

In today’s fast-paced world, firms must learn how to adapt or be left behind, writes Andrew Price ...

by Andrew Price

Corporate with a heart of gold

Commercial law, business studies, pro bono – associate William Kontaxis juggles it all ...

by Stefanie Garber

Cheque Please

As clients demand greater value for money, firms are rethinking traditional fee models ...

by Stefanie Garber

Insuring the future

The explosion of data, and the rise of the empowered consumer, point to impending transformations in the insurance law sector, writes Stepha...

by Stephanie Quine

6 ways to improve your firm’s financial resilience

Focusing on financial resilience is replacing across-the-board cost-cutting as a key costs management strategy, Andrew Chen writes. ...

by Andrew Chen

A wealth of insight

From fishing in Lake Burley Griffin and scouting for fossils to keeping one of Australia’s biggest banks in check as general counsel, Bria...

by Stephanie Quine