Old profession, new tricksNov 12 2015

Compulsory continuing legal education is viewed as a nuisance by some lawyers and essential by others - but ongoing learning may be the key

by Felicity Nelson


Nov 12 2015Crossing the ditch

New Zealand may lack the glamour of far-flung destinations, but Aussie lawyers can find a wealth of ...

by Lara Bullock

Sep 24 2015Stepping up to the crease

Sport is a rising star in the field of law, gaining legitimacy as its own practice and facing off wi...

by Lara Bullock

Sep 24 2015The city that never sleeps

New York City is home to more nationalities and communities than any other place on Earth, with Auss...

by Aleks Vickovich,

Aug 26 2015London calling?

With M&A activity producing globalised commercial firms, does London still hold the same appea...

by Aleks Vickovich

A firm among the gum treesAug 26 2015

Country practices have long been at the heart of rural Australia – but today’s regional lawyers are tech-savvy and looking to the future...

by Stefanie Garber

Megadeals make a comeback Aug 26 2015

A flood of billion-dollar deals has boosted Australian M&A activity in the first half of this year. Felicity Nelson reports ...

by Felicity Nelson

Modern oasisAug 26 2015

The glittering skyline of Dubai lost some of its shine after the GFC – but opportunities for Australian lawyers continue to entice.  ...

by Reporter

Courting the Commonwealth Jul 21 2015

Major firms have always sought the attention of government agencies to gain lucrative work from the sector, but federal reform has given sma...

by Stefanie Garber

Battling pirates in the digital ageJul 21 2015

The advent of information-sharing technology makes it harder to protect intellectual property, but IP laws and lawyers are rising to the cha...

by Felicity Nelson