London's great railways, without the trainsMar 06 2013

If all this travel leaves you reeling, we've found the ultimate spot in London where you've got a ticket to stay put.

by The New Lawyer


Mar 03 2012Short skirts and high heels earn grads a warning

Female trainees at a global law firm have been given a dressing down by partners about the way in wh...

by Lawyers Weekly

Mar 03 2012103-year-old judge will sleep when he's dead

A 103-year-old American judge who was appointed to the bench of the US Federal Court by John F. Kenn...

by Lawyers Weekly

Mar 03 2012Lawyer switches sides and wins

An American federal judge has ruled that it was OK for a lawyer to switch from one client to another...

by Lawyers Weekly

Mar 03 2012Lawyer drops C-bomb in court

In a shining example of exactly how not to behave in the courtroom, a South African lawyer has hurle...

by Lawyers Weekly

UK firm ruins royal wedding celebrationsMar 03 2012

A UK law firm has done the unthinkable. As RollonFriday reports, Addleshaw Goddard has shockingly banned its staff - including its entire fi...

by Lawyers Weekly

Lawyer shaken but not stirredMar 03 2012

A speeding lawyer was compared to James Bond by passers-by as he flew past in an Aston Martin.The Daily Mail reports that a British solicito...

by Lawyers Weekly

Claimants seek enough damages to end global povertyMar 03 2012

Folklaw has seen some fairly interesting claims for damages in its time, but this one is simply awesome.The Am Law Daily has reported that t...

by Lawyers Weekly

Lawyer declares himself PresidentMar 03 2012

A Filipino lawyer has gatecrashed a conference to declare himself as the head of an area of the Philippines.Self-described "international la...

by Lawyers Weekly

Lawyers in bushfire class action experience brain freezeMar 03 2012

Every now and then, esteemed members of the legal profession do something that really makes Folklaw wonder what on earth they were thinking....

by Lawyers Weekly