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A significant leap forward in Australia's insolvency regimeJan 10 2021

Promoted by Olvera First Insolvency law has long been a blunt instrument for resolving the financial pitfalls of small business. Lacking the resources,

by Olvera First


Dec 17 2020Award-winning TurksLegal leadership team expands with two new Partners

Promoted by TurksLegal TurksLegal is delighted to announce the promotions of Miriam Browne and Eliz...

by TurksLegal

Dec 16 2020Save 10% on Wolters Kluwer CCH Books Family Law titles before 31 Dec*

Promoted by Wolters Kluwer ...

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Dec 16 2020Make Philips SpeechLive your virtual assistant

Promoted by Philips SpeechLive Avoid operational downtime and stay on top of your tasks even when y...

by Philips SpeechLive

TurksLegal continues journey towards industry balanceNov 23 2020

Promoted by TurksLegal TurksLegal has been on a very distinct pathway to embrace diversity and inclusion at all levels of its 200 strong E...

by TurksLegal

Stay open for business this holiday seasonNov 12 2020

Promoted by InfoTrack As the holiday season draws near, you may be thinking about the months ahead. Are you looking to expand your services...

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Global alliance help firms weather COVID-stormNov 11 2020

Promoted by MSI Global Alliance - AusNZ & Fiji region A vaccine may be on the horizon, but the economy is still reeling from the fall...

by MSI Global Alliance - AusNZ & Fiji region

The three governance experts lawyers can’t afford to miss Sep 29 2020

Promoted by Governance Institute of Australia Governance Institute of Australia is thrilled to announce that three more speakers have been ...

by Governance Institute of Australia

Legal consulting: an early career path alternativeSep 14 2020

Promoted by Peerpoint from Allen & Overy Legal consulting is a career option that empowers lawyers to explore a future they can shape o...

by Peerpoint from Allen & Overy