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The technology built for you that’s transforming legal practiceApr 12 2021

Promoted by InfoTrack Property matters vary from state to state and on whether you are completing a sale or purchase. Here’s what to look for when sel

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Apr 01 2021Australia Legal In-house Salary Guide & Market Report 2021

COVID-19 resulted in twenty-nine years of uninterrupted economic growth in Australia coming to an im...

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Mar 23 2021Use your voice to do your legal work faster and better

Promoted by Philips Dictation Speech recognition has gained momentum in the last few years as it ha...

by Faria Huq, Marketing Manager APAC, Philips Dictation

Feb 26 2021Minimising risk and maximising reward

The age of coronavirus has lit a match of change in the legal profession. For many, this means havin...

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Jan 10 2021 A significant leap forward in Australia's insolvency regime

Promoted by Olvera First Insolvency law has long been a blunt instrument for resolving the financia...

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Award-winning TurksLegal leadership team expands with two new PartnersDec 17 2020

Promoted by TurksLegal TurksLegal is delighted to announce the promotions of Miriam Browne and Eliza Fincher as Partners in its Employers L...

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Make Philips SpeechLive your virtual assistantDec 16 2020

Promoted by Philips SpeechLive Avoid operational downtime and stay on top of your tasks even when you have limited resources available. ...

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Practice law ‘from anywhere, at any time’Dec 07 2020

Adapting to remote working arrangements in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic should not have been such a shock to the system for legal pr...

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TurksLegal continues journey towards industry balanceNov 23 2020

Promoted by TurksLegal TurksLegal has been on a very distinct pathway to embrace diversity and inclusion at all levels of its 200 strong E...

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