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Understanding the Tax Minefield of the Legal Landscape
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Understanding the Tax Minefield of the Legal Landscape

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“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax”
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

Albert Einstein


Many common legal transactions are a minefield of potential tax consequences — learn to identify and resolve these risks. Tax for lawyers is a targeted online training program designed for lawyers with an interest in and/or need to know about tax matters.

The program aims to assist lawyers in improving their tax knowledge across all fields relevant to legal practice, as well as allowing both experienced and inexperienced tax and non-tax lawyers to keep up-to-date with tax developments. In addition, a feature topic is included in each session to provide greater detail in specific areas of relevance to lawyers.

These feature topics include:

  • Tax and GST Implications of Legal Settlements and Awards
    Whether you are acting for the payer or the payee, the structure of the settlement and choice of words can have a big effect on the income tax, CGT or GST consequences.
    When is it better to use composite v head-by-head settlements? Can different tax consequences arise for a negotiated settlement as opposed to a court award? Does the creation or satisfaction of rights give rise to GST taxable supplies or CGT events?

  • Trusts — Drafting Tax Effective Streaming Resolutions
    Is what you are doing going to be effective for tax purposes?

  • Property Developments — How Far Can I Go Without Attracting Income Tax or GST Consequences
    Don’t be railroaded into thinking you have an income tax or GST liability when you really may not

  • GST — Identifying the ‘Supplies’ in Contracts and Transactions
    What’s important and what’s not — it’s often said that GST is a practical business tax — the High Court does not appear to think so — a legal analysis of the rights and obligations is still critical!

  • GST and CGT Issues on Compulsory Acquisitions of Property

The rules in this area may be about to change — do not be caught unaware — even under the existing interpretation, how you react to an approach can be decisive to the tax outcome.

Each session is presented by Garry Payne, a qualified tax accountant/solicitor and presenter of more than 170 tax seminars for professional bodies and over a thousand specialised tax training sessions — including many continuing legal education, State law society and Australian Government Solicitor seminar/training sessions. Each session is also supported by an accompanying detailed update paper and separate feature topic paper (usually over 100 pages in total each session — great value for money!).

Tax for Lawyers offers you flexibility with its delivery — attend Live Online sessions to interact with the presenter and fellow attendees or view the recording of the Live Online session at a time that suits you.

A full series discount is available – offering you one session free!

To find out more about this informative training please visit or call our office (03) 9660 3500.

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