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Stop wasting time on the paper trail

Stop wasting time on the paper trail

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The legal industry is experiencing a shift in its thinking about how to streamline work



INCREASINGLY, PARTNERS, not just practice managers, are realising how important business processes are to operational efficiency and making money. In addition, major clients are expecting higher levels of project management which take digitised document management, and flexible working, for granted.  So, problem-solving partners are starting to embrace the automation of legal processes and to grasp the potential of technology as a means to this end. In fact, wasting time on the paper trail, rather than in billable hours, is third on the list of the way law firms lose money.


Thankfully, easy wins are literally at the industry’s fingertips. Running a health check on a firm’s workflow is a first step and one that can save any firm 30 per cent not only of its print volume but also of wasted time. The industry can also change its behaviour by demonstrating digitising document management to staff and showing just how repeating more streamlined processes can increase efficiency. Staff can also be educated about smarter printing behaviour. Using print management software and technology such as pull-print technology (or authenticated release) both lowers print volumes and controls print costs, as well as improving information security.


For example, inefficiencies such as not recouping print costs accurately add up more than most people think. In the day-to-day running of a firm, these are simple measures to take but the risks of not taking them are substantial. Firstly, the industry faces the perception of diminished productivity in a competitive world which is waking up to the need to accelerate paper-based processes and automate workflows. It also faces the possibility of being overwhelmed by the compliance needs associated with new ‘big data’. In theory, it is feasible for law firms to go completely electronic. Konica Minolta has written a paper about the role of technology in digitisation for the future. Reading it, you will see how quick and easy it is to transform the way you operate and realise the benefits.


For more information, visit the Konica Minolta website at www.konicaminolta.com.au

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