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Top 3 ways to improve productivity

Top 3 ways to improve productivity


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Improving your personal productivity will generate a greater profit for your firm or legal practice by maximising billable hours. Improving your productivity will also free up time for you to spend with family and friends. 

 Top 3 Ways to improve your personal productivity

  1. Gradually shift towards a paperless office. Expensive and time consuming.

  2. Manage your time more effectively by completing boring time management courses.

    However, a more cost effective and interesting solution is now available:

  3. Improve the way you are dictating and radically increase your typing or text output.

The main limiting factor inhibiting your personal productivity is your ability to type or to create documents. The old-school options of slow manual typing or voice dictation for transcriptionists have serious limitations. 
You have probably already maxed out the efficiency gains from these two traditional methods:-

Send your voice dictation to a third-party transcription company or have it manually typed up in house. Not only is this very expensive, but you have to wait for it to be returned and you have to take time to proof read it. Manual transcription is very low-tech, very cumbersome, and has a hard limit on how efficient it can be. There is no limit on how expensive transcription can be. Transcription is especially expensive when your trained typists leave for another firm - then you have the additional expense of hiring and re-training new typists.

You could keep manually typing. 

Maybe you can type at 30-50 words per minute. Or are you a two finger typist who is far slower than that? Either way, you’re probably not that efficient at typing and you don't want to be.

You are a very effective verbal communicator.
You can probably speak at around 150 words per minute with maximum clarity and precision. It's highly likely that you can dictate at least three times faster than you can type.

 Ultimately, the most efficient way to improve your personal productivity is to use speech recognition. Speech recognition can enable you to save hours each day. That’s extra billable hours or more time spent with your family and friends.

That's right, you've heard it all before. Speech recognition takes too long to train and simply isn’t accurate enough. Correcting mistakes takes far too long. You couldn't be bothered learning the voice commands that allow you to navigate or edit the document.

Hang on! Speech recognition has evolved over the last few years.

Computers are much faster and far more powerful. Dragon 13 will run on small computers like a Microsoft Surface Pro 2/3. Faster processing has greatly improved speech accuracy and responsiveness.

You don't have to train Dragon anymore. This used to take a while. That's a big improvement. The video below demonstrates how quickly you can setup and start dictating - without voice training.

Dragon Naturally Speaking has evolved 13 times since its creation. The latest version 13 is at least 15% more accurate than 12 and is significantly more accurate than version 11.

A professional company exists in Australia that provides speech recognition as a complete service including setup and training. They will work with you to ensure your success with speech recognition. They will teach you how to increase accuracy and how to use Dragon to improve your productivity.

The latest product is Dragon 13 Legal - Australian Edition (PC). This software has been specifically designed for Australian legal practitioners. It has a highly optimised vocabulary that delivers high levels of both accuracy and speed.

Dictate directly into Microsoft Word or Outlook; in fact, you can dictate into almost any application that you can type into. This includes programs like Law Master and most other practice management programs.

You can also use a digital voice recorder such as an Olympus DS 7000. This will allow you to make recordings when away from your computer and have them automatically typed directly by Dragon when you return to your PC. This will save you time and money compared to manual transcription. The voice recorder option requires additional training and setup that is provided as an optional service. Your support staff will review the transcription and make small corrections to train the software for you.

Speech recognition is complex software, so it's important to purchase a software with the right level of support and training.
Legal professionals are much more likely to realise the benefits of speech recognition with some basic training. Each Dragon 13 Legal package has the option of including helpdesk support and user training - delivered remotely in order to keep your costs down.

Watch the video below to see how quickly you can start basic dictation. Then, our remote training will bring that level of accuracy up even higher and make the program easier to use. With professional training, you will get a much faster return on investment and the product will be easier to use.

Voice recognition Australia has been in business for 15 years. They support and backup all their products.
There’s an end of financial year special on Dragon 13 Legal right now.

Call 1300 255 900 today or visit our Dragon Legal website.



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