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The Problem with PDF Software…

The Problem with PDF Software…

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Current PDF software solutions are expensive, subscription-based, and overly complex to use.

But it’s simply not viable to keep storing massive volumes of paper.


PDF is the standard format for business document collaboration. Yet, most business professionals lack the tools they need to be truly productive, both as a solo performer and when collaborating with colleagues.

Many law firms have been forced to compromise on PDF software and find themselves locked into expensive subscription services that don’t suit the size or the unique needs of their firm.

Many Australian law firms should review their existing mishmash of PDF software with a view to replacing it with one, affordable streamlined solution.

It's not just the cost. Many employees are increasingly frustrated with existing PDF software programs.

I’m sure you can relate to this scenario:

An employee will scan a document and then struggle with the huge file they’ve create. He or she tries to resize it to a smaller file for emailing ‑ which proves to be painful. The document isn’t searchable and is misaligned.

You need a solution that lets you easily mark-up documents, make changes, and add and delete pages. However, with the current software you are using, this sort of functionality is slow, cumbersome and limiting. You need something that can easily handle electronic documents.

The other problem is cost. After reviewing the software in the marketplace you find that it falls into one of two categories: it’s either affordable but offers limited functionality, or it’s feature rich but expensive and only available via a subscription service – which you want to avoid.

There are now viable alternative to using expensive subscription-based PDF software applications.

Nuance Communications, best known for their Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition products, has developed a product that is ideal for Australian law firms.

Many Australian law firms have switched to Power PDF Advanced. It’s a one-off purchase, great value for money, easy-to-use, and powerful.

Let’s look at how quickly and easily you can convert multiple pages from a scan, reorder pages, turn them into a PDF and shrink them to a manageable size that can be emailed.

You can see how quickly a series of large images was converted into one compressed PDF file - in the correct page order and is now fully searchable. Imagine how much time that will save your employees, who can now focus on other more productive tasks.

Power PDF Advanced does much more than this. Using Power PDF Advanced, you can:

  • Mark up PDFs and add comments
  • Edit PDFs
  • Convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Collate Bates stamp documents
  • Redact
  • Compare documents
  • Use digital signatures

Power PDF Advanced offers flexible licensing options. Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large practice with extensive IT resources, there are options to suit the size and budget of your firm.

And last, Power PDF Advanced is cost-effective because it’s licenced as a once-only payment, perpetual license - when competitor PDF products lock you in with a hefty annual subscription. (You can elect to receive Power PDF upgrades for an annual fee of 15% of your original license fee.)

Voice Recognition Australia specialises in providing cost-effective PDF solutions to small and medium-sized law firms in Australia.

Visit their PDF Software webpage or call them today on 1300 255 900 to discuss your free trial.


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