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Get your fax straight: The lowdown on secure virtual faxing

Get your fax straight: The lowdown on secure virtual faxing

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THE LEGAL profession relies on the fax as a method of secure communication for sensitive documents. But there’s a better (and just as secure) way than the clunky old office fax machine.

Fax machines are a simple way to send documents anywhere in the world, but they have their issues too – requiring costly line rental, paper use, toner and maintenance.

Signing up for a virtual fax service can revolutionise your firm's business practices by avoiding all of the traditional headaches associated with faxing, but maintaining the flexibility to deal with external parties who prefer faxes and the need for security.

A virtual fax service allows you to send and receive faxes from any device with an internet connection. No longer is a fax machine or a fax line required. It works by linking a virtual fax number to an email client. You can send and receive faxes as email attachments, and if you need to send to a traditional fax machine, your fax will be converted into a paper document on the other end. From a security perspective, your confidential and sensitive documents are sent with SSI and 128-bit encryption.

Key advantages of switching to a cloud-based system include a cloud storage solution which permits easy searching and simple retrieval of sent faxes and documents. Unlike email, a service like eFax permits large documents (up to 1GB) to be sent to multiple recipients.

You can also avoid the hassle associated with having to scan documents into your computer prior to sending them by email – if you download the eFax app for Android or iPhone, you can simply photograph the document you wish to send, or upload and download documents to/from the cloud. You can add your signature to documents in the same way. The application of this function for court documents or formal correspondence is obvious.

Perfectly suited to the busy law professional who is always on the go and requires instant access to securely send and receive documents at all times, online fax is an affordable, easy to set up, convenient and modern replacement for the conventional fax machine.

eFax offers innovative, simple and convenient online faxing services. Find out how you can make the system work in your firm by visiting

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