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Dialling your way to a higher profile with a 1300 number

Dialling your way to a higher profile with a 1300 number

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IN TODAY'S increasingly cutthroat marketplace, you may have started wondering what else your law firm can do to help attract clients and enhance competitiveness. The answer may be right within earshot, by switching over to a virtual 1300 number. 

A virtual 1300 number slips over an existing phone line, enabling clients to get in touch for the cost of a local call. A 1300 number, especially if used with a phone word, is easy for people to remember. It can help advertise your business and increase the chances of prospective clients contacting your firm instead of your competitors.


A 1300 number is simple and quick to set up, and provides a number of advantages for busy law firms of all sizes.

If you have a small firm just starting out or a niche practice, a 1300 number can give the impression that your firm is much bigger than it is, and even has national reach. For bigger firms with a national presence, a 1300 number allows each office to be routed through one phone line, no matter where they are located around Australia.

Virtual 1300 numbers also come with a suite of added cloud-based services that can operate as a virtual receptionist, including a customised greeting, call forwarding, call routing, and voice to email.

A customised greeting ensures the phone is always answered in a professional manner, and calls are directed to the appropriate person in your firm. Calls can be routed according to state of origin, time of day, or any other preferred protocol. Calls can be forwarded to any other number – so if staff are in court all day, phones will still be reliably answered. Voicemails can also be sent straight to email, meaning that staff won’t miss important messages, even they are not in the office to access their voicemails.

With greater functionality than a traditional telephone line, increased visibility for your business and greater ease of use for your clients, a 1300 number can help to streamline your business communications and give you an edge over your competition.

Zintel has a range of innovative virtual telecommunication solutions available to suit your firm's needs. Visit www.zintel.com.au today to find out more.


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