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March Madness & Essential CPD Reporting

March Madness & Essential CPD Reporting


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Moving beyond Information to Implementation with 160+ Online CPD Options, Any Device.

The theme of our CPD offering and packages has been ‘relevant and practical online learning’ for the past four years.  During that time, feedback from our subscribers has helped us to improve and tailor the sessions on offer.  We have been imploring solicitors to think of CPD as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as a professional obligation.  After all, you could spend your mandated 10 hours, (and for some up to 30 hours of Compulsory Professional Development) simply gathering information, but it’s not until that information is put into practice that any real purpose has been served.

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Over 10 massive days, from the 20 to 31 March, 46 leading experts will be presenting over 50 interactive webinars from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  The exclusive webinars held during this peak CPD period, will give lawyers a comprehensive choice of relevant topics to meet mandatory requirements, as well as provide new ideas on service delivery and strategy.

From Building a Client Attraction System to Complying with Uniform Laws, to working out the difference between pricing for value or value pricing and Wills Gone Wild, this very diverse program offers something for everyone.  Highly accredited presenters including Craig Rispin, Liz Harris, Monique Robb, Grevis Beard, Rose Bryant-Smith, Linden Barnes and Dr Andrew Heys from leading and innovative law firms, tertiary providers and industry specialists are incredibly generous with the advice and ideas they share with participants. 

Doors officially open to our Virtual Marketplace on 20 March 2017 @ 7am

Industry Trends & Winning Strategies

When we’re talking to law firms about how to find their groove, or to partners about how to make their mark, often it is about finding a point of difference and focussing their efforts.  It’s like finding that piece of the blue ocean where your competition becomes irrelevant because you have found a sweet spot that meets the client’s needs. 

At CPDforMe.com.au we are seeing this type of focus in all size firms.  Small or regional firms were recently warned to adapt or move into the “death zone” and many have been critically looking at their firms, searching for new ideas and opportunities to make significant and positive change. Many of these practices are whole heartedly embracing new ways of working, implementing technology and taking the necessary time to work on their Firm strategy.  We have enjoyed seeing clients who have been with us since the start of our business flourish in the online space.  Two such clients are digital disrupters Meda Royall of Your Law Firm and Lachlan McKnight of award winning Legal Vision.

Over 80% of Lawyers leave completing CPD compliance till last minute

This year we have introduced “CPD-LIVE Online Symposium and Virtual Marketplace”, a revolutionary online platform to deliver quality webinars with a virtual marketplace.  Attendees can ‘browse’ the latest products, services and demonstrations between sessions or use the platform as a go to reference to seek out firm efficiencies.  Building a strong and trusting relationship with suppliers is critical to successful firms.  Our virtual marketplace is supported by our innovative partners who are showcasing services and products with exclusive offers.  Attendees can chat and review products and services, engage with peers online at a convenient time on any device.

More Engaging Format, Package Offers, How To’s and Online Support

To improve the quality of our offering we have established a studio and production team in Taree and streamlined our format from the 2016 experience. 

New benefits include:
LogCPD Firm and Individuals – by lawyer CPD period, record and store CPD activities from any provider
-    Mixed on-demand and webinar packages (with no expiry date)
-    CPD-LIVE Webinar packages
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We are here to support you to make CPD, in simple and easy.  We have simplified our systems to ensure that our users are only ever 4 or 5 steps from anything they want to achieve on our site.
-    How to CPDforMe.com.au
How to CPD-LIVE.com.au

We look forward to seeing you online sometime soon, any questions, please call 1300 273 463.

>> Click here Online CPD Webinar Program, Any Device

The principals at CPD for Me (Bronwyn Pott & Paula Gilmour) have had an interest in continuing education and the professions for the last 15 years, in fact they met while doing their MBAs in the early 2000’s. 

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