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Paving the way for legal innovation

Paving the way for legal innovation

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In the digital age, the volume of material before the court is growing and creating new document management challenges. Advances in technology have streamlined all aspects of the trial process, while fostering the growth of intuitive and efficient work practices.

Shunning the inevitable advancement of technology is an effective way to be left behind in any field. Despite the difficulties involved in innovating an industry steeped in tradition, the potential for opportunities and growth is massive. As technology continues to advance, new areas of practice will come into being which will provide new challenges and only increase the size of the legal industry. As a result, technology’s role as a tool of efficiency cannot be underestimated.


Going paperless and increasing the use of mobile devices such as tablets in the courtroom can increase accessibility while reducing print and labour costs. The utilisation of cloud-based storage and the automation of monotonous tasks such as data entry and analysis can also directly influence time and cost savings, streamlining processes industry-wide.

The costs and logistical burdens surrounding any matter can be daunting for any firm. From background preparation to the courtroom to the final transcript, too much is at stake for there to be any delays. Optimisation should be a priority for every industry, and the benefits of technology cannot be ignored.

Epiq provides a multi-faceted approach to its legal services in Australia, with innovation being at the forefront of all three major service offerings.


eDiscovery (or electronic discovery) is the process of finding and producing relevant electronic information in response to a legal request or investigation. Managing documents electronically assists with obtaining an early and thorough understanding of the evidence, leading to a better strategy and outcome for clients. Collaborative components and predictive coding features enable enhanced team alignment, improved workflow, reduced risk and savings in both time and cost.

Trial Technologies

An eTrial or eArbitration is the alternative to traditional, and costly, paper-based hearings. The major difference between the two is that documents are submitted and presented electronically in an electronic court book controlled by a central operator, while also allowing remote participation in real-time. High-definition screens are placed around the courtroom, so everyone including the judge, witness, counsel and clients have the same document in front of them at all times.

As a result, eTrials negate the need for paper documents in preparation and throughout the course of a hearing, leading to massive reductions in both cost and duration of a hearing.

Court Reporting

Real-time court reporting provides users with a live, verbatim record of legal proceedings as they happen. Text is sent directly to laptops in the hearing room so that users can annotate transcripts according to issues specific to their case. Users are also able to create customised search and annotation reports across multiple hearing days, allowing all results to be consolidated into one document.

Real-time court reporting means Epiq can supply a complete electronic transcript before anyone has even left the deposition room. Testimony processing can begin immediately.

Epiq Arrival

As of 2018, legal innovators NuLegal and court reporting and transcription powerhouses DTI will be consolidating under the Epiq brand, ushering the way for a comprehensive provider of legal services in Australia and New Zealand.

Epiq is a leading global provider of integrated technology, consultative and administrative services for the legal profession. Epiq’s solutions streamline the administration of litigation, investigations, financial transactions, regulatory compliance and other critical business operations. Epiq’s subject-matter experts and technologies bring clarity to complexity, create efficiency through expertise and deliver confidence to high-performing clients around the world.

For more information about how Epiq can help your ­firm, visit epiqglobal.com/en-au/


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