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Introducing TMX – Electronic bundles and case preparation made easy

Introducing TMX – Electronic bundles and case preparation made easy

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Advances in technology are improving the ways we approach dispute resolution and document management. Efficiencies from the time and cost savings will further reduce the strain on our already overburdened judicial system.

What is TMX?

TMX is a secure, flexible, and highly scalable sharing platform with wide-reaching potential worldwide. For legal professionals such as barristers, solicitors, and arbitrators, TMX delivers an adaptable experience that bridges the gap between the discovery process and the hearing room.

The costs and logistical burdens surrounding any matter can be intimidating to even the most prepared of legal teams. From smaller, local matters, to enormous, multinational arbitrations, optimisation of work processes should be the number one priority and technology use should be maximised to benefit all participants.


TMX gives users the ability to manage documents in preparation for arbitrations, court hearings, depositions, and trials through bundle creation, with its flexible and familiar features.

Additionally, the major benefits of TMX lie in its collaborative potential; it enables collaboration between legal teams, experts, and clients in highly scalable and customisable cloud-based workspaces. Online and offline options allow users to access documents from anywhere, every step of the way. Integration with various e-discovery platforms also encourages easy upload of files and document ingestion, whether self-provisioning; our clients are in complete control of uploading documents as and when required, or working with Epiq to upload thousands of documents.

Arbitration applications

Collaboration within, and between, parties is especially relevant in the case of arbitrations, with directives aimed at reducing their cost and duration. By embracing process improvements and enhancing their effectiveness with new technologies, cost and time savings can be immense.

Parties to an arbitration need efficient collaboration between the in-house team, clients, and any other stakeholders involved, particularly when operating across borders. Globalisation and the increased interconnectivity means everyone must adapt to change. TMX addresses these challenges, with the aim of ensuring that users’ experience improved collaboration and organisation both pre-hearing and once proceedings commence.

Barrister benefits

For barristers and legal counsel, creating electronic bundles and managing the multitude of documents for concurrent matters can be tedious and time-consuming. TMX has an easy-to-use interface which enables the creation of folders, bundles, and directories, with no complicated processes for setting up structures or making changes.

Frequently, case documents have complicated or coded naming structures. The preview pane allows users to view and assess document content quickly and easily. Users can see the document itself, any metadata associated with it, and any notations made to it at the click of a button.

TMX benefits

COLLABORATION. TMX enables flexible, iterative, pre-hearing document organisation, which allows legal teams to collaborate locally and around the world.

INTUITIVE FUNCTIONALITY. Preparing electronic bundles in TMX is easy, with features including bundle creation, pagination, index generation, comprehensive searching, annotation, tagging, and hyperlinking.

FLEXIBILITY. Whether working online at the office or offline while travelling, TMX allows users to amend and consolidate the hearing bundle and upload a variety of native file types beyond PDF. Files can be accessed as an image for annotations and easier viewing, then exported to native view.

VISIBILITY. TMX enables the tagging and annotation of documents and the ability for users to share or make private annotations, or identify and easily locate important items, increasing accountability and enabling teamwork.

SECURITY. TMX delivers fully integrated technology and services to ensure our clients’ security needs are met. Maintaining the highest levels of security is paramount. Epiq brings the highest-level security controls and expert staff to every matter.

PRICING. TMX offers a flexible and transparent pricing model. Prior to beginning, we work together with our clients to deliver the right pricing for every hearing or arbitration – large or small.

Epiq is a leading global provider of integrated technology, consultative and administrative services for the legal profession. Our solutions streamline the administration of litigation, investigations, financial transactions, regulatory compliance and other critical business operations.

Epiq subject-matter experts and technologies bring clarity to complexity, create efficiency through expertise, and deliver confidence to high-performing clients around the world.

To learn more about TMX or our other legal solutions contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit epiqglobal.com/en-au.

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