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By National Criminal Lawyers®|20 June 2019

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National Criminal Lawyers® is a leading specialist criminal law firm in Sydney with its focus and passion all about helping people.

National Criminal Lawyers® in Sydney uphold the greatest respect for the principles of law which guide them. The fundamental rights; that everyone has to legal representation, to a fair trial, and that a person is innocent until proven guilty, are the focus of what the lawyers at National Criminal Lawyers® uphold. These rights are kept in their minds and drive them to get the best possible results for their clients.

They do so with the complete understanding that people make mistakes, and without judgment. As Sydney criminal defence lawyers, they work in a variety of criminal matters and do not shy away from a challenge. They provide their clients with a unique, tailored plan according to their needs. They achieve the best results for their clients through this tailored plan and a senior lawyers’ guarantee. Their ethic of no judgment goes beyond the individual client; they approach all matters with great vigour and depth. They do not discriminate between clients, no matter how big or small their case may be. A serious offence of course takes more time to prepare for, but if they are assisting a client with less serious or minor offences this does not affect the quality of the work produced.

National Criminal Lawyers® are the go-to firm for criminal lawyers Sydney. With several awards under their belt, including Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year 2019, they are set to dominate the legal field with their wealth of experience and expertise. Led by Principal Lawyer Michael Moussa, the team are pioneers in terms of the offerings they have for clients. Depending on the circumstances, clients are offered one of four different options. The first is for the team to use their high-level negotiation skills to negotiate with the police on the client’s behalf. This is a vital step that is often overlooked by other solicitors. These negotiations allow for the police to see why the current charges are not appropriate and gives them an opportunity to either withdraw or amend them. National Criminal Lawyers® are also one of the few firms who believe in seeking costs from the police, providing them an edge when conducting their negotiations. The second option is to plead not guilty and take the matter through a defended trial or hearing. Here, the advocacy skills of National Criminal Lawyers® truly excel. Having a high success rate of defending hearings, one can trust that their trial will be conducted professionally and fairly. The last two options are to plead guilty: one, to both the facts and the charge, and the second, to plead guilty to the charge but not the facts. This last option takes the matter to a ‘disputed facts’ hearing which is important in having the matter sentenced with leniency.

Mr Moussa and his team are leading drink driving lawyers in several Courts throughout Sydney and western Sydney. Through their advocacy, the lawyers at National Criminal Lawyers® have gained a good rapport with the Magistrates and Judges of Courts throughout New South Wales. They have a good reputation for providing through and relevant evidence as to why, in drink driving matters, their clients should be dealt with leniently. They guide them through the process of participating in a traffic offenders’ program and can show that real rehabilitation has taken place.

Like drink driving matters, award-winning traffic offence lawyers at National Criminal Lawyers® guide their clients through the process of understanding that a license is a privilege, not a right, and that certain evidence must be provided to show contrition to the Court. If relevant, they will instruct the client to gather several necessary documents, such as character references, a letter of apology, a letter from their employer to provide evidence of the necessity of a license and the prospect of losing their employment. They understand that in a lot of circumstances, a license is the key to an income and the loss of this can cause undue hardship to a family. They ensure that the Court understand this also; but that the client is genuinely sorry for their actions.

National Criminal Lawyers® drug lawyers Sydney often have difficult and complex cases to deal with. Offences such as these are driven by drug addiction and they understand that going through such a charge can be a traumatising experience. They assure their clients that they have everything under control; from gathering documents to making the appropriate applications, whether it be to be dealt with under the Mental Health Act, relieving criminal liability, or referring an applicant to the Drug Court. They instruct their clients to take a deep breath, step back and focus on their own wellbeing, whilst the lawyers put in the hard work.

Criminal Lawyers Sydney
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