Growing up with e-discovery in Australia

Growing up with e-discovery in Australia

21 January 2020 By FTI Consulting

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As the Australian e-discovery landscape continues to grow and evolve, so too has FTI Consulting.

For over a decade, FTI Consulting has worked on some of Australia and the world’s most significant e-discovery matters. With a technology team that includes some of the country’s e-discovery pioneers, we have seen and processed just about every type and size of data imaginable. And we continue to see rapid growth in the Australian e-discovery market, especially recently.

The banking royal commission in 2018 is a prime example. The sheer magnitude of data that had to be collected and processed within incredibly tight timeframes set by the commissioner demonstrated what can be achieved in the most time-sensitive of reviews.

And as the Australian e-discovery landscape continues to grow and evolve, so too has FTI Consulting, including the last 12 months.

Offering relativity

In 2019, we expanded our global partnership with Relativity, becoming the final region for FTI Consulting globally to offer the two leading e-discovery software solutions to our clients.

With a long history of offering e-discovery services and software to the Australian market through Ringtail (now Nuix Discover), we’ve taken a leaf from FTI’s global experiences, broadening our platforms and services to better address the growing challenges our clients are facing. Adding Relativity to our portfolio gives us more ways to help legal teams reduce risk and navigate the range of e-discovery challenges and cost containment for local and crossborder matters of all sizes.

Follow-the-sun consulting

Larger data volumes, tighter timeframes and more complex litigation and investigations are placing added pressure on legal teams today. Being a global firm, we can call on our experts in different regions and time zones to assist in projects at all levels, from matter consulting, first-pass legal review and data processing, for clients at any hour of the day. Even recently, we had some UK and US colleagues travel here to be specifically trained on a major matter, so once they returned home, they could continue to move the project forward during their work hours to provide a continual round-the-clock service for our client. We call this "follow-the-sun consulting" and it’s a service we’re increasingly providing as we see timeframes decrease, data volumes grow, and cross-border matters become more commonplace.

Growing the team

Global insight is crucial when looking for the most innovative, efficient and best practice approaches to managing forensic and e-discovery matters.

We’ve been fortunate to recently welcome two of our global colleagues to the team to share some of this expertise and insight with the localmarket.

Scott Foster joined us from our Washington, DC office to lead our Australian technology team. With over 20 years’ experience in e-discovery, particularly the US and Asia, Scott has worked on some of the world’s largest e-discovery matters.

Chris Hatfield joined us from our London office to expand our digital forensics and information governance capabilities. Chris has extensive experience in multijurisdictional investigations across EMEA, and regulatory inquiries relating to anti-competitive behaviour, serious fraud, bribery and corruption, and IP theft.

We also welcomed a number of new e-discovery consultants to the team, further deepening our local expertise and capabilities across the country.

Welcoming 2020

FTI Consulting has been privileged to be a part of Australia’s evolving e-discovery market over the years, and helping you navigate your most critical e-discovery challenges. As we enter a new decade, we look forward to embracing the changes it brings with it and working alongside you in the next phase of e-discovery in Australia.

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Growing up with e-discovery in Australia
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