Make Philips SpeechLive your virtual assistant

Make Philips SpeechLive your virtual assistant

16 December 2020 By Philips SpeechLive

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Avoid operational downtime and stay on top of your tasks even when you have limited resources available.

Starting off the new year after a long holiday and with the on-going school holidays, staff shortages can be expected. While taking time off is important, it might also lead to operational downtimes especially if there is a pile up of work or an unprecedented increase of workload. With the regular trained staffs away, it becomes difficult sourcing casual resources to lend a hand, especially if they are also unavailable due to extended holidays.

Philips SpeechLive not only allows the mobility to dictate from anywhere on the go, but it also provides transcription service as well as a fully integrated speech recognition service which turns recordings into text in no time at all.


Your own virtual personal transcription assistant

The SpeechLive transcription service is fast, efficient and almost 100% accurate. You can upload your dictation from any digital dictation device or the Philips SpeechLive app on your smartphone, submit it to the transcription service through Philips SpeechLive and receive a completed Word document back in 24 hours or less. The transcription service allows access to professional industry-trained transcribers familiar with the industry jargons. The highly trained professional transcribers produce extremely accurate writings which guarantees the highest possible quality.The transcription service also specialises in transcribing recordings involving multiple speakers.

Given the sensitivity of the data that lawyers, and law firms work with, the SpeechLive transcription team is held to stringent data protection policies and confidentiality agreements.The most advanced encryption standard available is used to protect data during the upload and download processes. SpeechLive guarantees data security throughout the whole workflow as the cloud server used is Australia based.


SpeechLive speech recognition service

The speech recognition service allows to get more in less time. For more urgent dictation that requires immediate transcription then why not use your voice to get the work done? All it requires is simply recording the dictation. Convert your voice to text in real time while you speak or send a recorded file to automated speech recognition. Once you receive the transcript you can export the text or start sharing. From voice to text in 3 easy steps.

What is Philips SpeechLive?

SpeechLive utilizes the power of voice to help professionals focus on what they do best.The cloud-based dictation workflow solution has mobilised users to effectively manage their time and productivity by simplifying virtual collaboration.You can now take control of your entire speech-to-text workflow, no matter if you are in the office or on the go, working from home or while travelling. Take down your notes, tasks, or documents using any dictation device or the Philips Voice Recorder App on your smartphone. You can either send the dictations to your own personal typists who can access the dictations from any location as well. No extra hassle of software installations!

And of course, in cases where you need to manage typing overload or emergency transcription, you can take advantage of Philips SpeechLive speech recognition and transcription services on demand.

Enjoy your 30 days free trial on SpeechLive. Simply sign-up and utilise the power of your voice.


To know more about speech to text solutions, send us an email onThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 9411 4436.

Make Philips SpeechLive your virtual assistant
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