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The revamp of family lawOct 24 2016

If there’s one practice area that’s seen a sharp transformation in recent years it’s family law.

by Emma Ryan


Oct 24 2016Peak of the profession

The best lawyers, legal teams and law firms across the country have reached new heights at Lawyers W...

by Lara Bullock

Oct 21 2016Blockchain: why it’s getting lawyers’ attention

Promoted by THE LEGAL profession has traditionally had a reputation for being slow to innovate ...

by Content Sponsor

Sep 23 2016Helping you transition to e-Conveyancing

Promoted by Get e-Conveyancing-ready with PEXA’s expert help and support services – already a...

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Sep 22 2016Thinking about giving immigration assistance? Education and knowledge are key!

Promoted by LAWYERS CONSIDERING adding immigration assistance to the suite of services they of...

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Managing your IT service providerSep 22 2016

Promoted by  EACH YEAR businesses are becoming more reliant on IT systems. Technology is now central to the way we engage with our cl...

by Content Sponsor

Australia v the worldSep 19 2016

While the Australian legal market appears to be a quiet achiever, how does it stack up against the rest of the world? Appointments...

by Lara Bullock

The 21st century barristerSep 19 2016

While the bar remains a stronghold of ceremony and tradition, technology is shifting the way barristers practise. Appointments...

by Stefanie Garber

The rapid rise of telecommunicationsSep 19 2016

As digital distribution becomes more than a buzzword, there is an increasing need for lawyers specialising in technology, media and telecomm...

by Emma Ryan

No place like homeSep 19 2016

As regional communities find ways to reinvent themselves, lawyers are satisfying their appetite for legal work. Appointments...

by Melissa Coade