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John Chisholm

John Chisholm Consulting

John Chisholm is a 3rd generation recovering lawyer, former partner, managing partner and CEO of 2 prestige Australian law firms, former Executive Chair (Melb) of a national accounting firm and previously Chair of Board of 3 law firms and a wealth management firm.

John established his own consultancy, John Chisholm Consulting, in 2005 to share his expertise and experience with professionals who look to maximise the wellbeing of their people, their firm’s business performance & their relationships with their clients. He now speaks, trains, facilitates, writes, coaches and consults in Australasia and internationally on firm management, strategy, innovation and pricing.

John is a Senior Fellow of the VeraSage Institute, an international think tank of thought leaders and innovators for professionals, a Fellow of the College Of Law Practice Management (US) and Adjunct Professor La Trobe Law School.