28 April 2017, The Westin
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Projects, Energy and Resources Partner of the Year


This award recognises a partner (or partner equivalent) who has had a hand in projects, energy and resources work in Australia. It includes projects, energy and resources partners who have maintained a clear vision for the benefit of their clients, advising on deals that had a significant impact on the economy. It is open to any partner (or partner equivalent) within a private practice firm who works primarily in projects, energy and resources law. To be eligible for this award, the partner must profile how he/she successfully advised on transactions in the projects, energy and resources sectors in the 12 months from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

Assessment Criteria

Nominees will be judged on their responses to the following:
  • Detail outstanding work over 2016 that demonstrates excellence in your specific area of practice.
  • What were the main challenges you encountered in completing this work? How did you successfully overcome these?
  • Outline your contribution to the growth or financial performance of your practice area and/or the firm as a whole, with reference to financial or other relevant data.
  • How has your leadership shaped the culture and strategy of your practice group?
Projects, Energy and Resources Partner of the Year
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