28 April 2017, The Westin
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Technology, Media and Telecommunications Partner of the Year


This award recognises a partner (or partner equivalent) who has continuously adapted with the rapid pace of technological change, ensuring effective outcomes for their clients. It includes technology, media and telecommunications partners who have advised on technology, media and telecommunications matters for a diverse range of individual clients and companies. It is open to any partner (or partner equivalent) within a private practice firm who works primarily in technology, media and telecommunications. To be eligible for this award, the partner must showcase how he/she has moved with the times to create new opportunities for clients in this space, while ensuring legal obligations are firmly upheld, in the 12 months from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

Assessment Criteria

Nominees will be judged on their responses to the following:
  • Detail outstanding work over 2016 that demonstrates excellence in your specific area of practice.
  • What were the main challenges you encountered in completing this work? How did you successfully overcome these?
  • Outline your contribution to the growth or financial performance of your practice area and/or the firm as a whole, with reference to financial or other relevant data.
  • How has your leadership shaped the culture and strategy of your practice group?
Technology, Media and Telecommunications Partner of the Year
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