Proposed laws to limit environmental activism ‘outrageous’Nov 18 2019

Any legislation that has the effect of limiting constitutionally implied political communication needs to be critically analysed, argues one partner.

by Jerome Doraisamy


Nov 14 2019ALS expresses sympathy over another death in custody

Aboriginal Legal Service has offered its condolences for a 20-year-old Indigenous man who died while...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Nov 13 2019Failure to decriminalise sex work in SA ‘utterly disappointing’

The push for decriminalisation of sex work has once again been defeated by the South Australian Parl...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Nov 12 20199 in 10 Australians see action on climate change as an ethical imperative

An overwhelming majority of Australians believe that governments, businesses and multinational corpo...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Nov 11 2019Implementing recommendations for personal drug use ‘will save lives’

Criminal and law enforcement responses to the use of illicit drugs have not worked, and a revamp of ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

NSW Law Society welcomes $88k legal aid boostNov 10 2019

The Law Society of NSW has welcomed news of an $88 million funding boost set to be provided to legal aid services over the next four years. ...

by Emma Ryan

Strip searching laws ‘should be clearer’, says NSW Deputy CoronerNov 10 2019

The inquest into six deaths at NSW-based music festivals has found that there should be limitations on strip searching, and that its legalit...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Regulation of social media a conundrum with no easy answersNov 06 2019

A lack of cooperation from social media platforms, and the absence of a globally consistent approach, mean that determining the extent to wh...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘Stubborn, wrongheaded’ approach to family law will failNov 05 2019

The federal government’s approach to family law will see it advocate again for a “bad law” to be passed by parliament, which it failed...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Move to outlaw environmental protests ‘deeply concerning’Nov 04 2019

Boycott campaigns to stop human rights abuses or to protect the environment are a legitimate protest tactic that should be protected, argues...

by Jerome Doraisamy