Time for a law change to fight school violence Jul 25 2018

There’s been an alarming increase in WorkCover claims by Queensland teachers subjected to violence in their classrooms and we may need a significant law change to deal with it

by Bruce Simmonds


Jul 24 2018Autonomous vehicles are here, but where is the law?

What was once confined to the realms of science fiction is now a reality: autonomous vehicles are co...

by Arthur Marusevich

Jul 24 2018Visual arts, storytelling to help communicate legal advice for remote communities

A new project, funded by the federal government, will communicate legal advice to people in remote c...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Jul 24 2018LIV slams mandatory sentencing proposal

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) has reaffirmed its opposition to the “disproportionate and unj...

by Grace Ormsby

Jul 23 2018Don’t criminalise ‘honest belief’ in sexual consent: NSW Bar

The NSW Bar Association has argued, in a submission to the state government, that a person should no...

by Jerome Doraisamy

WA becomes latest state to issue revenge porn crackdownJul 23 2018

Western Australia’s state government has announced a “landmark” legal reform which aims to stamp out revenge porn. News Write ...

by Emma Ryan

Fight against fake news needs new defamation lawsJul 23 2018

A Queensland lawyer has slammed Australia’s regulation of defamation in the digital age, pointing to the lack of accountability required b...

by Grace Ormsby

What the passing of the Modern Slavery Bill will mean for businesses Jul 22 2018

The Modern Slavery Bill, introduced to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee last month, could see significant changes ...

by Emma Ryan

SA to crack down on domestic violence lawsJul 22 2018

South Australia Attorney-General Vickie Chapman has announced the state government has drafted new legislative measures in a bid to decrease...

by Emma Ryan

Reducing the stigma associated with making a personal injury claim in AustraliaJul 19 2018

In Australia, the personal injury industry is stained with a strong negative perception that is only increasing, writes Liam Millner. News ...

by Emma Ryan