Law students take e-mooting ‘Team Australia’ to JapanJan 14 2021

Four soon-to-be lawyers from the Australian National University’s College of Law went head-to-head with teams from all over the world in a

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Jan 11 2021‘Top of their game’: What it’s like to work as a BigLaw graduate

With thousands of new lawyers graduating through the ranks every year, only a select, lucky few get ...

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Jan 11 2021Preparing for 2021: What makes an award-winning resume

From the students just starting their law degrees through to those entering penultimate years, each ...

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Jan 11 2021Beyond the disruption: Tomorrow’s lawyers should get legal tech ready

Today’s law students will enter a legal industry that bears little resemblance of the past, and le...

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Jan 11 2021Why young lawyers should prioritise pro bono over billable hours

Young lawyers graduating into practice this year and new students looking for portfolio-building opp...

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How two grads are making real change in the professionJan 11 2021

Two recent graduates from Griffith University are ready to reshape the legal profession for the better with initiatives to make it more incl...

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Protégé: Making it to the top as a BigLaw graduateJan 03 2021

Securing a graduate role in one of Australia’s top firms is no easy task, but it’s not entirely out of reach for young students coming t...

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Mentoring and being mentored: Why it is never too early to ‘pay it forward’Dec 29 2020

There is a world of benefits to being mentored by senior members of the profession—but there is also a lot to be said for switching from ...

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Protégé: The top 10 articles for law students in 2020Dec 28 2020

In this news breakdown, Protégé takes a look back at the last 12 months to bring law students the 10 most-read articles from 2020. ...

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Protégé: Standing out in a pool of applicants with the Law Student of the YearDec 20 2020

With thousands of students coming out of law school with a degree each year, it’s just becoming harder and harder to stand out in the pool...

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