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From lawyer in law firm to senior governance professional Nov 16 2017

Promoted by Governance Institute of Australia

by Kate Griffiths, Head of Governance, Risk and Audit Committee and Disclosure, BHP Billiton and Chair, ShareGift Australia


Nov 02 2017Document drafting for lawyers – the crucial steps many of us forget

Promoted by Document drafting is an area of practice that many lawyers want to improve. If your l...

by Simone Dixon, Assistant Director, Professional Development

Oct 04 2017The right document management solution - a powerful business tool

Promoted by The right printer solution goes a long way to ensuring your document management pract...

by Brother

Oct 04 2017Managing client communications from acquisition through to follow-up

Promoted by Mastering effective client communication can make the difference between obtaining a ...

by Jeffrey Roth, Practice Leader, Legal Business Development, The College of Law

Sep 05 2017Performance review or performance preview

Promoted by BHL Software Tired of end-of-month performance reviews? What if you could have a sel...

by BHL Software

Moves to maintain SG as favoured seat for resolution of int’l and cross-border disputesSep 05 2017

Promoted by In recent years, Singapore has consistently been ranked as a premier venue for international arbitration. Appointments...

by Philip Jeyaretnam, SC

The tools and techniques being employed to address today’s hot-button forensic mattersSep 05 2017

Promoted by Lawyers deal with many issues needing analysis of data. Here are some of the current hot-button forensic topics. Appointment...

by KordaMentha Forensic

Why Legal Tech fails: The top 8 mistakes GCs makeSep 05 2017

Promoted by After many years of under-investment in technology, GCs are finally joining the party. Sadly, many of them are setting thems...

by Andrew Mellett, CEO Plexus

Is your firm on the right track for gig economy gains?Aug 21 2017

Promoted by The way we do business, where we work, how we engage with workers, even how we take a holiday, everything is up for grabs in ...

by Jarred Hardman, Founder + CEO Crowd & Co

Press Control-S on your firmAug 15 2017

Promoted by BHL Software It’s now a truism that when your IT systems stop working, so does your firm. What steps should you take to pr...

by BHL Software