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Medical Examinations in the Legal Arena

Promoted by Independence is not the only issue. Appointments

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4 Tips for Recruiting Graduate Lawyers

Promoted by Just ask anyone who's had to do it, and they’re bound to have their fair share of s...

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Reduce your firm’s professional indemnity risk

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Law Society of NSW and Expert Experts “Forensics” CLE Series

Promoted by     The Law Society of NSW has teamed up with Expert Experts to provide a fascinati...

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Why spreadsheets are slowly dying (and good riddance)

Promoted by For nearly 25 years, Microsoft Excel has been the financial foundation of business. Y...

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Protecting your firms data safety in a world of digital disruption

Promoted by In today’s digital world, businesses are increasingly turning to technological solutions to help maximise accessibility of ...

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Expert Witness Code of Conduct (NSW) amended from 9 December 2016

Promoted by Solicitors and insurers need to update their expert witness precedents immediately. Appointments...

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The future of Australia’s migration advice profession

Promoted by AUSTRALIA’S MIGRATION program is undergoing significant changes in response to the challenges of an ever-evolving global en...

by Stephanie Lara

Who is really looking after your sensitive records? The risk of offshore records management.

Promoted by  This year, Australia’s market leader in document storage, Recall, was taken over by US-based Iron Mountain, meaning Austr...

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How do you keep up with changes to Australia’s migration law and policy?

Promoted by Australia’s migration laws are ever-changing. Some are minor changes, such as adding a couple of postcodes to the class...

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