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Why Legal Tech fails: The top 8 mistakes GCs makeSep 05 2017

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by Andrew Mellett, CEO Plexus


Aug 21 2017Is your firm on the right track for gig economy gains?

Promoted by The way we do business, where we work, how we engage with workers, even how we take a...

by Jarred Hardman, Founder + CEO Crowd & Co

Aug 15 2017Press Control-S on your firm

Promoted by BHL Software It’s now a truism that when your IT systems stop working, so does you...

by BHL Software

Aug 15 2017The importance of leadership skills for aspiring lawyers

Promoted by LHD Lawyers Even the most prominent lawyers of our age (or ages past, for that matter...

by LHD Lawyers

Aug 06 2017The 4 top reasons your law firm needs a website

Promoted by Zaliet.   If your firm doesn’t have an online presence, you could be hurting your...

by Zaliet

Is your data safe in the cloud?Aug 04 2017

Promoted by BHL Software Are practice management, document management and document automation systems better kept on-premises? Yes … a...

by BHL Software

Cautious optimism and growth for in-house legal teamsJul 05 2017

Promoted by Taylor Root Appointments...

by Taylor Root

What will the millennial legal market look like?Jul 05 2017

Promoted by Lawyers On Demand In May, Lawyers On Demand released their fourth report authored by leading legal market analyst Jordan Furl...

by Sandra Gibson, Managing Director, Australia

Let’s talk about family trustsJun 07 2017

Promoted by Cleardocs. An Australian family trust has many potential benefits including protection of family assets and access to favoura...

by Cassandra Townsend, Product Manager and Precedent Lawyer

Augusta - a proven funder of smaller commercial claimsJun 05 2017

Promoted by Augusta. Australian litigation funding has mainly been confined to large claims. Augusta has shown claims of less than $2m...

by Augusta