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The future of Australia’s migration advice professionNov 28 2016

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by Stephanie Lara


Nov 01 2016Who is really looking after your sensitive records? The risk of offshore records management.

Promoted by  This year, Australia’s market leader in document storage, Recall, was taken over ...

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Oct 26 2016How do you keep up with changes to Australia’s migration law and policy?

Promoted by Australia’s migration laws are ever-changing. Some are minor changes, such as add...

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Oct 25 2016Complex challenges call for diverse, bright minds

Promoted by Appointments...

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Oct 21 2016Blockchain: why it’s getting lawyers’ attention

Promoted by THE LEGAL profession has traditionally had a reputation for being slow to innovate ...

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Helping you transition to e-ConveyancingSep 23 2016

Promoted by Get e-Conveyancing-ready with PEXA’s expert help and support services – already assisting over 3,500 Australian lawyers ...

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Thinking about giving immigration assistance? Education and knowledge are key!Sep 22 2016

Promoted by LAWYERS CONSIDERING adding immigration assistance to the suite of services they offer need to be cognisant of the fact th...

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Managing your IT service providerSep 22 2016

Promoted by  EACH YEAR businesses are becoming more reliant on IT systems. Technology is now central to the way we engage with our cl...

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Eight steps to successful e-conveyancingAug 28 2016

Promoted by E-conveyancing provides Australian property lawyers and conveyancers with improved process efficiencies and superior client...

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Legal capacity assessmentsAug 24 2016

Promoted by When determining the capacity to act, the choice of specialist is critical Appointments...

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