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Are you competent in the discovery of electronically stored information?May 26 2015

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by Mitchell Grant - Solutions Consultant


May 12 2015Information overload and lawyers’ online research

Promoted by   The widespread availability of information both helps and hampers lawyers’ online...

by Content Sponsor

May 01 20155 Habits to Instil in your Junior Lawyers

Promoted by  We were all new lawyers once. Appointments...

by Leo Cussen

Apr 28 2015The art of succession planning

Promoted by   How to organise your firm to maximise value   Appointments...

by Carl Mazzolo

Apr 08 2015Choosing a trial consultant

Promoted by: WRITTEN BY ELIZABETH MILLER Head, eCourts Services at Law In Order   As eTrial s...

by Carl Mazzolo

Technology: Tier One IT for boutique firmsApr 01 2015

Promoted by:     Brisbane’s Talbot Sayer Lawyers wanted Tier One-quality IT systems to support the start-up firm Appointments...

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Grin and share itMar 27 2015

Promoted by: Slater and Gordon are now partnering with firms that need to refer work but don’t want to run the risk of losing a client...

by Ben Harwick

The paperless office: dream or reality?Mar 25 2015

Promoted by:  Law firms don't need to be weighed down by reams of paper any more  Appointments...

by Leap

2015 Burgess Paluch & Lawyers Weekly Footy Tipping CompetitionMar 20 2015

Promoted by: Put away that brief or deal you’re working on. Ignore your supervising partner’s work deadlines. Focus on the importan...

by Reporter

Cracking the CodeMar 16 2015

Promoted By: Lawyers are getting their heads around predictive coding to help them find relevant documents quickly and efficiently Appoi...

by Allison Stanfield - e.law