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Show cause bail: What is it?Mar 27 2019

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by National Criminal Lawyers®


Mar 20 2019Is Domestic Violence Inherently Gendered in The Law

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers. Intimate terrorism, domestic violence, family violence and ab...

by Michael Moussa

Mar 12 2019NewLaw's new legal frontier

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by Matthew Kay, Director of Vario

Mar 06 20195 things all lawyers need to know this CPD year

Promoted by LawCPD.com.auFor many lawyers, March marks the start of a race against the clock to meet...

by LawCPD.com.au

Mar 05 2019Is your organisation ready for a cyber incident? A lawyer’s guide to data breach disasters

Promoted by Law Society of NSW.Managing and preparing for data breaches is no mean feat but lawyers ...

by Law Society of NSW

Order in the house: tips for in-house counsel Mar 05 2019

Promoted by Law Society of NSW.Wearing the many hats of a corporate counsel can be hard. Here are a few things in-house lawyers can do to ad...

by Law Society of NSW

eArbitrations – Bridging the gap in international arbitrationMar 04 2019

Promoted by Epiq.Imagine a hearing room full of high-definition monitors replacing the thousands of paper folders involved in your arbitrati...

by Epiq

Online CPD for Me, ready when you areMar 04 2019

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Dealing with regulation in the wake of the Hayne royal commission at a practical levelFeb 19 2019

Promoted by Governance Institute of Australia.There are plenty of lessons legal professionals across all industries can learn from Commissio...

by Megan Motto, CEO, Governance Institute of Australia

What makes national criminal defence lawyers tickJan 25 2019

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers. Defence lawyers are often asked how they can represent people who have committed heinous and horrible...

by National Criminal Lawyers