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Why all lawyers need a good finance brokerJan 18 2019

Promoted by Legal Home Loans.Lending isn’t as simple and straightforward as it used to be—times have changed. No longer is it advantageo

by Legal Home Loans


Sep 25 2018Innovating intuitive legal research solutions for better collaboration outcomes

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by Wolters Kluwer

Sep 19 2018Cloud dictation – now with Australian-based hosting

Promoted by Philips. Tired of software updates and being chained to a computer? Experience unlimited...

by Eva Török-Beisteiner, Marketing Manager, APAC

Sep 10 2018Finally, a dedicated finance broker for lawyers

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by Legal Home Loans

Aug 30 2018The Staggering Injury Rates for Workers in Healthcare

Promoted by Taylor & Scott Lawyers. Healthcare professionals consistently place the wellbeing of...

by Taylor & Scott Lawyers

Making logistics a smoother rideAug 30 2018

Promoted by Qantas. Logistics is a major component of most businesses and also one of the most costly. As such, driving efficiencies in the ...

by Qantas

How litigation funding can work for CorporatesAug 29 2018

Promoted by Augusta Ventures. Litigation funding enables companies to monetise valid commercial disputes while preserving capital, mitigatin...

by Neill Brennan, managing director, Augusta Ventures

Expert Evidence: Recent CasesAug 23 2018

Promoted by KordaMentha Forensic.  Expert Evidence: Recent Cases is an opportunity to be updated about developments and significant decisio...

by KordaMentha Forensic

A guide to simplifying staff expense claimsAug 13 2018

Promoted by Qantas. Reimbursing employees for on-the-job expenses need not be the time and money-guzzling task it can appear to be. Appoint...

by Qantas

More Bucket Lists & Less PoliticsJul 26 2018

Promoted by Lawyers On Demand. LOD Lawyer Craig Doolan Shares his journey and experience working for a NewLaw firm. Appointments...

by Craig Doolan, Senior Legal Counsel, LOD