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The purposes and drawbacks of apprehended violence ordersJun 06 2019

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers® As media reports reveal more murders of women, we are left contemplating the potential safeguards that could

by National Criminal Lawyers®


Jun 04 2019Expert policy analysis and guidance for lawyers

Promoted by Governance Institute of Australia. Governance Institute offers you a free report to help...

by Governance Institute of Australia

Jun 03 2019Multi-site law firm becomes cloud efficient

Promoted by Philips SpeechLive. The solicitors of Commins Hendriks can now work anywhere anytime, af...

by Faria Huq, Marketing Manager APAC

Jun 03 2019Use predictive coding to streamline your document review efforts

Promoted by Epiq. No matter the size or scope of a matter, predictive coding and continuous active l...

by Epiq

May 30 2019100% home loans without LMI now available for legal professionals

Promoted by Legal Home Loans. As the only mortgage and finance broking firm in Australia that specia...

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Practising Law and Governance in the wake of the Banking Royal CommissionMay 17 2019

Promoted by Governance Institute of Australia. ANZ’s Head of Legal, Corporate Advisory and Senior Manager, Governance, and Fellow member o...

by Governance Institute of Australia

Premium technology streamlines multi-lot development salesMay 13 2019

Promoted by InfoTrack. Wondering if there’s a better way for lawyers to manage the sales process for multi-lot and off-the-plan developmen...

by InfoTrack

‘When the tide rises, all boats rise’May 08 2019

In the same way that ‘disruption’ has, for some, become a buzzword for environmental and professional change, ‘innovation’ too tends...

by Jerome Doraisamy

What duty of care do the police have towards accused in police custody?May 08 2019

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers®. This will be a discussion on police responsibilities towards people in their custody when it comes ...

by National Criminal Lawyers®

Applying for a loan? Find out how your income is assessed by the banks. For Lawyers at all levelsMay 07 2019

Promoted by Legal Home Loans. “You don’t get paid for the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” — Jim Rohn Appoi...

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