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Is your organisation ready for a cyber incident? A lawyer’s guide to data breach disastersMar 05 2019

Promoted by Law Society of NSW.Managing and preparing for data breaches is no mean feat but lawyers must recognise the significant role they can pla

by Law Society of NSW


Mar 05 2019Order in the house: tips for in-house counsel

Promoted by Law Society of NSW.Wearing the many hats of a corporate counsel can be hard. Here are a ...

by Law Society of NSW

Mar 04 2019eArbitrations – Bridging the gap in international arbitration

Promoted by Epiq.Imagine a hearing room full of high-definition monitors replacing the thousands of ...

by Epiq

Mar 04 2019100+ Experts CPD from $40 a Unit

Promoted by CPD for me. Appointments...

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Feb 19 2019Dealing with regulation in the wake of the Hayne royal commission at a practical level

Promoted by Governance Institute of Australia.There are plenty of lessons legal professionals across...

by Megan Motto, CEO, Governance Institute of Australia

What makes national criminal defence lawyers tickJan 25 2019

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers. Defence lawyers are often asked how they can represent people who have committed heinous and horrible...

by National Criminal Lawyers

Why all lawyers need a good finance brokerJan 18 2019

Promoted by Legal Home Loans.Lending isn’t as simple and straightforward as it used to be—times have changed. No longer is it advantageo...

by Legal Home Loans

Innovating intuitive legal research solutions for better collaboration outcomesSep 25 2018

Promoted by Wolters Kluwer. Appointments...

by Wolters Kluwer

Cloud dictation – now with Australian-based hostingSep 19 2018

Promoted by Philips. Tired of software updates and being chained to a computer? Experience unlimited mobility with Philips SpeechLive - easy...

by Eva Török-Beisteiner, Marketing Manager, APAC

Finally, a dedicated finance broker for lawyersSep 10 2018

Promoted by Legal Home Loans Legal Home Loans is the only finance and mortgage broking firm in Australia that specialises in finance for law...

by Legal Home Loans