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Litigation finance – it’s not just about litigationMay 01 2018

Promoted by Litigation Capital Management. As litigation finance develops beyond the domain of impecunious plaintiffs and one-off cases,

by Litigation Capital Management


Apr 27 2018A funder’s perspective on Commission Inquiries

Promoted by Augusta Ventures. Litigation funding is currently under the spotlight with two Law Re...

by Augusta Ventures

Apr 24 2018A guide to eHearings

Promoted by Epiq The unstoppable juggernaut that is technological innovation has already altered ...

by Epiq

Mar 22 2018How innovative is your dictation solution?

Promoted by Philips Competitive markets demand efficiency offered through voice technology. Appo...

by Philips

Apr 01 2018Debunking the myths of an alternative legal career

Promoted by Lawyers On Demand Taking control of the way you work in law might well be the change ...

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Technology investment underpins process innovation for firmsMar 12 2018

Promoted by Commonwealth Bank of Australia Law firms are heavily focused on leveraging technology to enhance their processes to deliver ...

by Commonwealth Bank of Australia

An int’l legal education without leaving homeFeb 23 2018

Promoted by Bond University Lawyers can now experience the benefits of studying transnational law with instructors and peers from a range...

by Bond University

How to fix the weakest link in your law firm's lead generation strategyFeb 19 2018

As the Australian market becomes increasingly competitive it’s never been more important to rethink your business strategy. Appointments...

by Fonebox

Paving the way for legal innovationFeb 05 2018

Promoted by Epiq In the digital age, the volume of material before the court is growing and creating new document management challenges....

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Innovation now a mainstay of sustainable growth for law firmsJan 31 2018

Promoted by As emerging technology remains a disruptive force in the Australian legal sector, the ability of firms to adapt to change wil...

by Commonwealth Bank of Australia