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Making travel for small businesses simpler, cheaper, betterJan 31 2018

Travel is a common part of doing business for many operators. Yet managed poorly, business travel can be a significant strain on a business,

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Jan 22 2018Disrupting traditional archiving and storage methods

Promoted by Fileman TRENDS COME and go but technology and its disruption to the legal landscape h...

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Jan 12 2018E-discovery predictions for 2018

Promoted by Law In Order The outlook for early adopters of e-discovery in legal looks bright in 2...

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Dec 14 2017International arbitration and business culture

Promoted by Maxwell Chambers. This article discusses the impact of international arbitration on t...

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Dec 05 2017A big picture view of the law

Promoted by University of Melbourne. The Melbourne Law Masters is giving Ian Cayzer the chance to...

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The top 5 takeaways from this year's Lawyers Weekly Future ForumNov 28 2017

Promoted by LEAP This year’s Lawyer’s Weekly Future Forum demonstrated that innovation spans the entire entity of an organisation—fro...

by Brendan Smart

Demand lifts in 2017/18 for short-term finance to cover crisesNov 24 2017

Promoted by NWC Finance. The first five months of the 2017-18 financial year have seen unprecedented demand from lawyers whose clients ar...

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Education a passion for YL presidentNov 23 2017

Promoted by University of Melbourne. Melbourne Law Masters student Phoebe Blank is successfully juggling her study with full-time work an...

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Reduced investment protections will make robust commercial arbitration mechanisms all the more critical for investorsNov 22 2017

Promoted by Maxwell Chambers. This article discusses the current trend away from investor protections via bilateral or multilateral treat...

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Rethinking one of the legal industry’s oldest traditionsNov 29 2017

Promoted by BarristerSELECT Heritage and tradition are holding the legal sector back. Technology has unlocked many new capabilities and e­...

by Stephen Foley founder and managing director, taLaw