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Why most GCs will fail to digitise their functionsApr 03 2019

Promoted by Plexus.Although 86% of General Counsels rate ‘investing in technology and automation’ as their top priority most will never get past

by Andrew Mellett, CEO, Plexus


Apr 01 2019Redressing Gender Disparity in Legal Leadership

Promoted by The Legal Festival. Women are increasingly being shortlisted but ultimately overlooked f...

by The Legal Festival

Mar 28 2019Boutique Melbourne law firm levels legal playing-field using ‘robo-legal’ tech

Promoted by MIA Contract Lawyers.MIA Contract Lawyers’ latest project, ContractControl™, an AI-b...

by Martin Algie, founding principal, MIA Contract Lawyers

Mar 27 2019 Property law meets innovation: Matter Centre Projects

Promoted by GlobalX. The latest technology innovation for lawyers to process and manage multi-lot pr...

by Peter Maloney, chief executive officer, GlobalX

Mar 27 2019Show cause bail: What is it?

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers®. Appointments...

by National Criminal Lawyers®

Is Domestic Violence Inherently Gendered in The LawMar 20 2019

Promoted by National Criminal Lawyers. Intimate terrorism, domestic violence, family violence and abuse…what is the first thing that comes...

by Michael Moussa

NewLaw's new legal frontierMar 12 2019

Promoted by Vario. Appointments...

by Matthew Kay, Director of Vario

5 things all lawyers need to know this CPD yearMar 06 2019

Promoted by LawCPD.com.auFor many lawyers, March marks the start of a race against the clock to meet their annual CPD requirements before th...

by LawCPD.com.au

Is your organisation ready for a cyber incident? A lawyer’s guide to data breach disastersMar 05 2019

Promoted by Law Society of NSW.Managing and preparing for data breaches is no mean feat but lawyers must recognise the significant role they...

by Law Society of NSW

Order in the house: tips for in-house counsel Mar 05 2019

Promoted by Law Society of NSW.Wearing the many hats of a corporate counsel can be hard. Here are a few things in-house lawyers can do to ad...

by Law Society of NSW