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Law firm to pay costs after 'pathetic' caseMar 04 2013

A mid-tier compensation law firm will have to pay legal costs for two clients after it was excoriated for its "woeful" and "pathetic" handl

by The New Lawyer


Mar 04 2013McCurry wins legal row with McDonald's

Fast food giant McDonald's has lost an eight-year trademark battle against the Malaysian restaurant ...

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Mar 04 2013Chief Justice criticised over plans for Tasmania

The Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, Michael Black, has come under attack over Feder...

by Kate Gibbs

Mar 04 2013Judicial training takes a turn

Judges are to be trained under a new system, in which they can pick their own courses.Deals Wr...

by The New Lawyer

Mar 04 2013Prominent Sydney barrister cleared

A prominent Sydney barrister can return to work as a director or senior manager of an insurance comp...

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Profession debates Einfeld sagaMar 04 2013

Debate again surrounds beleaguered former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld after Friday's ruling. Deals Write comment (0 Comments) ...

by Biwa Kwan

Justice an easily admired, yet inaccessible Rolls Royce: Chief JusticeMar 04 2013

Western Australia's top judge last week called for an overhaul of access to justice in the state._x000D_ Deals Write comment (0 Comme...

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Court decision calls for new legal expertiseMar 04 2013

A landmark decision by the Land and Environment Court could see a new practice area develop for legal professionals. Deals Write comme...

by Olivia Collings

Judge warns against trade marks on shapesMar 04 2013

A recent Federal Court decision on chocolate sea shells highlights the pitfalls associated with 'shapes' in trademarks cases, according to a...

by The New Lawyer

Property lawyer's strife continuesMar 04 2013

The world of a one-time legal property giant could come crumbling down. Deals Write comment (0 Comments) ...

by Olivia Collings